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Welcome to the Order of the Golden Unicorn. We are a Chivalric Order based on the Ancient Scottish Knighthood, though we are no longer requiring Knights to be of Scottish blood. Our officially accepted Tartan is the Pride of Scotland Tartan, all members wearing the Kilt will wear it regimental.

The Order of the Golden Unicorn is a Scottish based Chivalric Order for men and women who hold to the values and Codes of Honor that were held in the times of old before the modern world destroyed the values. We are men and women of honor, and we believe that the values we hold are needed more now than ever. We do not believe in Secrets as do some of the so called orders of Good Men. It is our place ti recall we are in the light and not workers of darkness.

If the motives of the heart are pure, then the actions of the group should not be conducted in secret. We conduct our lives, in public and in private by the codes. We as knights are in service to our fellow man. We are bound together by honor, and are for a Free Scotland!

News of the Order
Here is a list of the date and a brief description of the activities the order is going to be involved in.

11/10/05-11/13/05 Salado, TX Celtic Festival, we will be in with the Bluebonnet Scottish Society.

Official Shield of the Order. Not for general member use except in prescribed manner.
All Knights of the order will have a Unicorn in an Azure field on their shields.

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Are you Knight Material?
The Order shall be held to the following virtues:

# Trocár - Mercy
# FIrión - Justice
# Chosmuil - Impartiality
# Chuibsech - Conscience
# Fosath - Firmness
# Eslabar - Generosity
# Garte - Hospitality
# Fiálainech - Honor
# Sessach - Stability
# Lessach - Beneficense
# Étir - Capability
# Inric - Honesty
# Suthnge - Eloquence
# Foruste - Steadiness
# Fírbrethach - Truth in Judging

While there are other Virtues that could be in the list we limit it to these.

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Alba Gu Brath!!