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How can I become a Knight in the Order?

By copying and Pasting the Oath to a Word Document, then print sign and mail to:

Robert M. Paris
407-B Rockcrest Dr.
Cleburne, TX 76033 USA
You need to send return Address, E-mail, and Home Phone with best time to call.

I, __________________________________________________,
do solemnly swear and commit to:
Uphold the right, even at the cost of my life;
Meter even handed justice, tempered with mercy;
Assist and defend others;
to strive to act with honor at all times.

If a Page is knighted, they are invited to re-affirm their commitment by swearing the following oath:
It is known that for thousands of years
the strong have preyed upon the weak.
At various times and places an ideal arises,
an ideal contravening this so-called natural order of things,
an ideal requiring
that the strong PROTECT those who are weak,
that those who have PROVIDE FOR those who have not,
and that those who can HELP AND AID those who cannot.
It is known that this high ideal of Chivalry has arisen
time and again
only to be hidden by the actions of humanity
time and again.
THEREFORE, we Knights of the Order of the Golden Unicorn
do hereby declare and affirm and aver
that the High Ideals of Chivalry are once again
brought to the light of day and so swear to live by them.
Remember that any action creates a reaction.
Therefore, what you do, expect to receive.
The Knight's word must be the word of truth and
counted more trustworthy than a legal contract.
Therefore, when you must give your word in bond, keep it.
Do not speak ill of others, for you may not know the whole truth.
Similarly, do not gossip, for unverified words are hearsay
and in large part a thing of falsehoods.
Be honest with others, and have them know that honesty
is likewise expected of them.
The anger of a moment leads to foolishness and
may wreak havoc on the truth;
remember the Motto God alone vindicates the Righteous.
Consider the consequences of your actions for others.
Strive to do no harm.
Learn quickly what the local norms of practice are.
Obeying them will lead to peaceful interaction rather than useless conflict.
Similarly, dignity and good humor are much to be admired.
Courage and honor endure,
even after mountains have crumbled to dust.
Pledge your friendship to those who warrant it
and support others in their need that
they may support you when you are in need.
The laws of the land should be obeyed
wherever possible and within reason,
for they are generally chosen with wisdom.
Any Knight following this High Path of Chivalry
must be above reproach in the eyes of the world.
Only then will the darkness be lifted.
TO THESE ENDS, we, the Knights of the Order of the Golden Unicorn, swear:
to uphold the right, even at the cost of our lives;
to mete out even handed justice, tempered with mercy;
to assist and defend others; and
to strive to act with honor at all times.
Deo Vendice: God Vindicates.
Signed by the Knight Commander___________________________________________

Dated this _____ day of _______________ in the Year of our Lord__________

Why is the Order called "Order of the Golden Unicorn"?
We are called the Order of the Golden Unicorn because the Unicorn is the Ancient Symbol of Scotland. The Unicorn rules by Harmony, unlike the Lion who rules by Force.


Be sure to ask about the Ladies of the Unicorn.